Angels for Cathy Hoag

My daughter, Cathy’s health, is in great jeopardy. With Lyme Disease, complications with that and breast cancer, we are humbly asking for help financially.
Cathy is a wonderful woman who loves her family more than anything,  She had wanted children for a long time, and infertility became a part of her life.  After failed treatments and surgeries, she was blessed twice.  One son was born when she was 38 years old, and her other son was born when she was 41!
She lives for her boys and has dedicated herself to homeschooling them and making sure they have a personal relationship with God.  Her goal in life is to see her children grow into responsible and loving young men,  A few years ago, she began a period where she was constantly sick.  It got to the point that doctors themselves were at a loss as to what all the symptoms were coming from.  Nothing showed on blood work, so her doctors decided to treat her for anxiety
 When all else fails, and doctors have no answers it surely must be anxiety.   Nothing worked yet she continued to get worse.  A little over a year ago, she found a doctor who tested her for Lyme disease, and it was positive.  Along with Lyme she also has co-infections such as Babesia, which in itself can be as devastating and debilitating as Lyme disease, Because the Lyme went undiagnosed for so long, standard treatment with antibiotics was no longer an option. Her Lyme disease has become neurological and has affected her brain and central nervous system. Due to the neurological damage, she now has POTS.  I would suggest you google that.
Cathy has spent over a year almost bedridden and has only in recent months been able to function somewhat,  A few weeks ago, she discovered an abnormality in one of her breasts and although it wasn’t quite time for her mammogram she saw her doctor.  After a mammogram, two ultrasounds, an MRI and a biopsy, she was told she has breast cancer.  At this point, all we know is that it’s a large mass but won’t find out more until she sees an oncologist.
 I have dealt with feelings of frustration because I love her so much and Cathy has tried so hard to find answers to her other illnesses.  I am in shock; I must admit that it is possible for breast cancer to grow so large without being detected sooner?  I am concerned at how much more one beautiful woman can take.
Her boys need their mom; I am humbly asking for help financially to help save her life.  I cannot afford to be too proud to reach out to others for help, If you find it in your heart and can help financially, we would be forever grateful, but if that isn’t possible then we covet your continued prayers as we travel this unknown journey,