Virginia will Beat Cancer 

Our mother, Virginia, has been battling breast cancer for over two years now, following a strict regimen of dietary, ozone, and other holistic treatments. Due to congenitally having only one kidney, the chemotherapy treatment that the FDA approved standard of care calls for is not an option, as it can cause fatal kidney damage, per her doctors Leigh Erin Connealy, MD who owns the clinic, and Bita Badakhshan, MD who she works with.

Other routes of treatment do exist. Jeanne Stryker, MD at Paradise Valley Hospital has accepted to take our mom on as a patient for Cryosurgery, which would not have the negative effects of chemo. This procedure works by freezing the tumor and has an 85-95% success rate with other forms of cancer and particularly recommended with inoperable tumors. Unfortunately, the insurance company has denied coverage for this treatment due to it being seen as “experimental,” even though they cover it for other types of cancers.
It is hard to ask for help, but it’s even harder to see our mom in pain and growing weaker each day. Any donation is incredibly appreciated, but even just sharing this page for more visibility would help us immensely. Thank you.

Please Contribute to Virginia’s Fund! Thank You, Angels!