Calling All Angels!


We feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop. ~Mother Teresa


Your contribution could save a life! ~Thank you!

 A cancer warrior’s mission (children included) is our mission at Angels for Shannon. This fundraising page is for anyone raising money for alternative therapies. Families and friends of cancer survivors can feel overwhelmed, and they need support right now.

AFS is 100% non-profit and will accept any volunteer help. We need your time, talent and beautiful heart!  We accept gifts for auctioning and there are many other ways to help out. Any money donated goes directly into the individual crowdfunding account.  As a team, success can be achieved in raising money. Your contribution might save a life!

~Thank you!

~Shannon Knight
Angels for Shannon

This song is for everyone in the battle of their life! Hold on… Love Shannon










I have currently found myself newly diagnosed with Stage II Multiple Myeloma Cancer. I can no longer work. With no insurance, I have mounting medical bills as well as past due utility bills. My son, bless his heart, is the only one supporting us at this time with a minimum wage job. A burden no young man at the young age of 20 should have to do. With the urgent insistence of my Oncologist to start traditional cancer treatment, I have decided to trust in my knowledge and myself instead and begin with a holistic approach with therapies that I have personally seen heal and cure many ailments, including cancer. My Oncologist has given me his support on my choice as long as I get bi-weekly blood tests to monitor my progress. These holistic treatments need to start immediately! I want to survive! I believe with all my heart that I CAN and WILL beat this. But, for the first time in my life, I cannot do it alone and am asking for help. I am so blessed to have not only family and friends praying and supporting me, I now have people I don’t even know sending their prayers. There are not enough words that I can tell you all how grateful and humbled I am for any and all support that I have and continue to receive. Thank You and God Bless, Melissa DeCompos I am video documenting my journey with my feelings, progression, and treatments in hopes to help others in similar situations.

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