Angels For Katherine


UPDATE April 17th, 2018

Dear friends and family,

My last CT scan Friday, 04/13/2018 results

Report of findings shows that the right side of my neck has a large lump on my lymph node almost the size of a golfball. Also, in other areas at the reconstruction site, there appears to be a highly suspicious cancer recurrence which is very aggressive. My doctor recommended chemotherapy but unfortunately, my type of cancer will not likely respond favorably with the treatment.

I don’t want to quit! I want advanced alternative cancer treatment and have chosen CMN Hospital in San Luis Mexico. I learned of CMN hospital from a 7-year breast cancer survivor Shannon Knight.  You can learn about her and even her twin sister who also is a survivor that received cancer treatment at CMN hospital instead of chemo. Shannon’s breast cancer diagnosis was a recurrence of metastatic disease in 2010. In fact, her UCLA doctor told her she only had three months to a year at best to live. Her doctor was wrong; she is alive and well seven years later thanks to CMN Hospital and their alternative treatment.

I am a mother of two precious children; a daughter age 6 who has her challenges with autism and a son age 18. I believe everyone deserves a miracle; I have seen others just like Shannon Knight beat cancer without chemo. I must try for my kids and myself.

Please help me and donate to my fund which will get me to the battleground one more time but this time with advanced alternative cancer treatment. Here is the link to the CMN Hospital treatments I have chosen CMN Hospital Treatment Summary. These therapies could potentially save my life! I don’t have much time left, and I humbly ask for your contribution and thank you with all my heart!

Please share this page with the link to my GoFundMe page. Thank you, and Love to you ALL!!

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