Calling All Angels to contribute to Jess’ Cancer Treatment.  We sincerely thank you!

Jess’ Story

Two years ago, on our daughter’s 3rd birthday, my wife Jess, was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer which was already in her lymph nodes.  Things had been going well, but a recent scan revealed cancer has spread to her bones and developed into stage 4. She also recently learned she is Brca2 positive. Doctors told us that the treatment options available in the UK only offer short-term solutions and are not curative, that at this stage it is a case of “managing the disease.”

But Jess didn’t give up. She read about the groundbreaking work being done at the CMN Hospital in northern Mexico, an internationally-renowned cancer hospital which has had success in treating women in the same situation as Jess (please see links below). Jess spoke directly with some of these women who gave us a lot of hope.  As a result, she is currently at CMN hospital undergoing immunotherapy and awaiting stem cell treatment at the hospital, procedures which are not available in the UK. This and the cost of ongoing supportive therapies have come at a considerable financial cost. I am so grateful to our family who has been extremely generous in supporting us financially. However, we are unable to burden them any further as these costs are now mounting up.

Jess is making good progress, her spirits are high, and she is managing to stay in regular touch with our daughters and me in the UK. The girls are very much looking forward to having their mummy back. There is a lot of hope for Jess, for our two daughters and our family and we feel positive about the future. If you can support the cost of the treatment, we would be grateful for your help. Please get in touch if you want any other information or prefer to donate directly.

If you prefer to donate using your phone, please text the unique code for this page, which is;     VIVA73 along with the donation amount to number 70070

CMN ALTERNATIVE CANCER TREATMENT: CMN Hospital’s cutting-edge protocols are both comprehensive and individualized to the unique needs of the patient which enables us to compassionately manage every aspect of the patient’s treatment.