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 How You Can Help!

Your Contributions, give hope, inspire and save lives! Your donations collectively show that each survivor matters.  You renew their hope!   You are heroes and they you because it is frightening to need medical treatment and not have the funds.

Your compassion, hope and empathy will lift them up and carry them on a day when they are feeling down. Each day they look to see if the dollar amount has gone up to get them to their cancer treatment.  This fundraising period is humbling and it causes great anxiety.  It affects them as they race the clock.

I know because I was once there myself, waiting for the money to come in for my treatment, counting minutes, hours and days.  I wondered constantly what others thought.  You just can’t help it.  How much is my life worth?  When someone fighting for their life sees the donation number go up even $10.00 it makes them feel valuable and “worth saving”.  Love is the most important super power of all.  So please love them!

Angels for Shannon is an educational resource and 100% non-profit.  The money  goes directly from the donor to the individual’s crowdfunding account.  Please scroll down and let your heart guide you in the amount to give.  ~Thank you!

Shannon Knight

~Founder Angels for Shannon











  • Contributions are accepted directly into individual’s fundraising account that they set up personally.   Please visit, Calling All Angels.
  • If you would like your website on this Angels For Shannon website and shared on social media, please contact AFS and send your donation page link. 
  • AFS encourages you to reach out to your community of friends, family, church, the local newspaper, news media to support your fundraiser.   Please visit the AFS fundraiser link.

Thank you for banding together! It takes a fortress of angels in full flight to make it possible for “just one cancer warrior” to reach the battlefield so they can fight hard.  Please love them, roll up your sleeves and get involved! Time is always of the essence.  It will take love from family and friends to carry out this.

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