This fund is for my Father, Peter, a very young 64-year-old man who is in desperate need of medicine for his leukemia.  He has AML, which is highly aggressive. He has gone through several heavy rounds of chemotherapy, the latest of which failed and has left him very, very sick.  Three days ago, the doctors told him to go home and be with his wife, as he may have but a week or two left in this life.  We are not, and he is not ready to give up. He has a loving wife who needs him, and two grandchildren to live for.  He needs immediate treatment from a private clinic here in Toronto. It will cost about $600-700 CDN a week. To all who know me, I have been battling my own stage four cancer for two years now, at a cost of about $10 -$15,000 a month. We are helping, but any extra help would be accepted with gratitude.  Please help our family by donating what you can, or passing this campaign on.

Please Click on Donation Heart Below to Contribute to Peter’s Fund!  Thank You Angels!

With thanks and love
~Rain Sandford