• Building A Team

Fundraising has helped many cancer patients get the money needed to cover medical costs.  First, start by sharing this Fundraising link to your loved ones, co-workers, and friends.  You will need a team formed to begin the fundraising website for you.  Raising money is going to take love, creative thinking, initiative and drive right from the beginning.  You will need a team leader that is passionate about what you want.  They need to support where you wish to go for your cancer treatment.  Once you have established who is best for the leadership in this mission finding the rest of the team will be easier.  So, let’s go!

  • Build a Website 

Okay, team! Creating a website that will motivate and inspire people to get involved is very powerful! Sharing a cancer warrior’s story can be very inspiring.  If you can imagine seeing a video of the person speaking to everyone letting them in a little bit of what they are going through it will help connect people more.  It is idealistic to think that you can just ask for money when there is no emotional connection.  Humans connect, it is psychology.  If you want them to hit the donate button, you must somehow provoke thought and feelings in strangers. Websites are great tools to showcase this project!  Please visit Wix

  • Photo Slideshow

Add some photos of their happy times with family and friends.  There should be an element of warmth and life that comes from the website showing their life force throughout the photos and video. Be mindful of certain aspects of their illness that are delicate, and always check with the cancer warrior you are building the website for to see if they prefer some things left private.   Here is an example of a site. Please look through it entirely.  Raquel is a raising money for cancer treatment and has given permission to share her website.    Angels for Raquel

To make video slideshow here are some sites:



Free Slideshow Maker “Windows”

  • Important Note to Team

There is nothing more stressful than a cancer survivor feeling the burden of having to ask for financial help. They are experiencing a new kind of stress; one which hurls them onto a battlefield to save their life. There are a lot of changing emotions. Even though you may go through similar feelings, it is not the same.  Keep this in perspective when doing the fundraisers and in conversation.  Please do not lean on the survivor for things that other friends and family can easily do.  By you relieving some of these burdens they can focus more on resting and taking care of their health. Stress compromises the immune system.  Rely On Your Team, “Not The Cancer Survivor.”

  • Obstacles and Challenges

Report to your team about barriers and challenges. You may get tempted to report daily failures to your loved one battling cancer. I know they will probably want to help and not let you do too much. More than likely they don’t want to burden anyone, or they do not think it’s worth all the trouble. There must be a team leader with the confidence and ability to see success in raising the money. The survivor will need care packages, motivation, hope, faith, and belief. They need to know that you believe in them and to be always reminded of their value. Let them know about all your successes on the fundraising journey! Inspire them, love them and give them hope. It takes organizing, believing and everyone pulling together. You can do it, reassure them, even if it’s a bad day for donations, do not let them know you felt it was a bad day.


  • A Message for the Cancer Warrior

You may have a difficult time letting others do things for you. Let people give if they want, let them help you. If you want to do something, there are things you can do to help such as artwork for auctioning at the fundraiser. I did some wine glass art with wire wrapping and gems. I also painted some as well and then donated them to a silent auction at my fundraiser. Art is great therapy when healing the body. It is also helpful for the fundraiser. I had a fortress of friends do the fundraiser for me, and I know the stress that was involved. They all loved me through it and gave me the solace I needed to know that I was not alone on this journey.

They were such an important part of saving my life, and I will never look at them the same. I just let go and let them do what was necessary to succeed in our mission (for the most part).I wrote, “Thank you letters” and posted updates on our progress.  My team did a variety of things to reach our financial goal for my Alternative Cancer Treatment at CMN Hospital. They organized bands to perform and used their art skills to make jewelry and paint wine glasses. We were able to auction what they made or sell it. They inspired others that did not know me to do the same because of their love and compassion. They did so much more I know I will never even know about because I was sick and a little more disconnected during that time.

  • Breathe                                                                                                                                                                                           This is your time just to let go and breathe. Part of your healing is receiving something so precious such as people working together on a mission to help you. You are worth it; you have value and each day you will begin to realize it more and more how loved you are. Someday maybe you can pay it forward. This website, “Angels for Shannon” was the website designed for my fundraising. This was a very useful tool for networking and getting the message out to save my life.  Today I educate others on how they can do the same. We can always help out later in other ways. Right now, just rest and heal and do something you enjoy.
  • Media InvolvementAsk local entertainers to donate their services. Find a “particular location,” one that everyone loves in your area. You might be able to get a local venue to give their place for a night. You can ask if they can charge a cover and donate that to your cause. Get the media involved! Your local town newspaper is an excellent resource. Write a story and send it in! Human interest stories are very much-needed by the press. When someone’s life is in crisis, and they are struggling with finances, they can help by getting your story out to the community. Invite the media to your event. Provide a brochure or fact sheet to them in advance about your cause. Call the TV stations to see if they will bring their cameras and put the interview on the news.
  • Reach Out To Your CommunitiesTake a brochure or flyer to local businesses. This can be local boutiques, tanning salons, hair salons, privately owned businesses, etc. They can give gift certificates or gift baskets which can be auctioned off at your fundraising event. Hold a raffle but first, be sure you know what the laws are in your state. Here is an excellent website: Raffle Laws You can also look up your state to find out.
  • Business Owners                                                                                                                                                            Restaurants can give dinner for two gift certificates which can be given away as prizes. Talk to store owners. Each company can offer you some of their business brochures or flyers to put on the table at your event to promote. Have a fashion show and ask the local boutiques to give a percentage of the dresses or gowns purchased at your fundraiser. Make sure you have an MC to announce all the activities going on.
  • Fundraiser Jail                                                                                                                                                                           Here are fun and great ways to raise money at your event! Ironically people are eager to participate! A week or two before the event, sell tickets, pieces of paper printed with names of attendees that you would like to have arrested: It is for the cause! A lot of laughter and fun. The tickets can be $5.00 or more!(Get creative!) The jailbird and the one who paid to have them arrested will be printed out with both their names to give to the officer/deputy at the fundraiser. During the gala event, there would be a volunteer police officer or you can have someone pose as a jailer. Get the help of volunteers for deputies to assist with the fake arrest of people that had their names on these tickets.
  1. Set up a designated section at your fundraiser that says “JAIL.”
  2. Individuals who have been arrested for your cause must go and sit behind bars / designated area for a set period (Keep it short, 15- 20 minutes.
  3. There may be options to get out of jail immediately! They may sing a song, do a dance, etc. Give notice in advance of this game; you want attendees to bring bail money!Bail could be $3.
  4. Once the jailbird is released, they may pay an additional amount towards the cause to find out who had them arrested and now have them thrown in jail.
  5. The rules should be posted before the event, so everyone attending knows they could be caught for the cause.  Post WANTED” posters of the sponsors who donated to be caught for the cause on the website or make creative wanted signs with their picture to post all around the venue. Don’t forget to take mugshot photos of the criminals “polaroid” and they can purchase for a set price “donation.” Mug shot backdrop is great!
  6. See if your community police department will participate.
  • Cutting Away At Cancer Fundraiser                                                                                                                                  Make a deal with a hair salon for doing hair cuts for fundraising! A complete Buzz for the men!
  • Spelling Bee for Adults The entry fee can be $50  or more.  Each sponsor should wear a name tag at the event with the Spelling Bee Even Name (Be creative) Make sure to have prizes that are donated for the winners! You can use words from spelling word websites and be creative by using words from the expertise of some of your contestants who entered into the competition.  This can be a single event to raise money or part of the festivities of a large fundraising event.
  • Mystery Dinner, A mystery dinner fundraiser, is unique and fun. Who wouldn’t like to channel their inner Sherlock Holmes or Hercules Poirot in a real life mystery?   For those of you from a younger generation, think Mr. Monk or Veronica Mars!  Murder mystery dinners make fantastic fundraising events and give your members and donors a chance to mingle, have fun and support your cause all at the same time. And who knows? You just might find your true calling as a super sleuth! Most companies provide a mystery dinner kit complete with scripts and directions, and all your group needs to provide are the actors/actresses along with a director and a detective!  The companies below offer a variety of mystery dinner kits that just might be the perfect choice for your next fundraiser.  

Murder Mysteries Gangster-Style Murder Mystery Maniacs

Mystery Dinner Playhouse

Night of Mystery

The Murder Mystery Company

THEY improv

Merri Mysteries

  • Movie Night The event can take place in a park or, in a school auditorium, or you can also make an arrangement with the local theater as you would for a movie night. You can charge more, for priority seating, where all proceeds go to the charity the fundraising event is supporting.
  • Businesses Will Want To Get Involved, Why? This is a “win-win” for both you and the business. So do not be afraid to present it to them this way. Go in prepared and bring someone with you, you are advertising for their company at your fundraiser with their contribution. You are also acknowledging them as “ A business with a heart” for helping with your cause. You can create baskets yourself for a silent auction. Here is a link with many Gift Basket Ideas
  • Gratitude Showing gratitude is crucial. Make sure that someone from the team is sending a “Thank you” in writing to everyone even if it is an email. Another great idea could be a designated page on the website that keeps a record of every donor. The page could be a letter on their behalf. On this the “Thank You Page” a way to show appreciation is to list the link to their business. Ask if it’s alright to do this. Some people like to donate privately. This is free advertisement for their business establishment, it builds community and is an excellent way to say Thank You!
  •  Fundraising Websites That Make Fundraising Simple!

 YouCaring – One thing that separates YouCaring from other personal cause crowdfunding websites is that they do not take a fee when you raise money  regardless of the amount of money they raise. Their  site is supported by amazing donors from all over the world.

Check fees for the websites below

Go Fund Me


Give Forward