Shannon Interview – Ty Bollinger

Ty Bollinger Author - Cancer Step Outside the Box and “President of Angels for Shannon”  interviews Shannon Knight in The Truth About Cancer Episode 7 Survivors and Thrivers
Shannon’s Story of beating breast cancer twice stage 3 &4 is both educational and inspiring.   She chose a healthier way.   She will be cancer free  3 years October 14th, 2014.



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Change Takes Intention


Change Takes Intention…
Timid steps are not as effective. We must have conviction for our cause. This means baring yourself open to just about any criticism and not losing focus. It means becoming defenseless to the petty and moving forward.

Perhaps we are each a soldier for a cause, whether it is a small cause or big one. It’s easy to want to judge and it is easy to get judged the moment you take a stand. Doing anything with conviction will look crazy to some people, even to the ones you might help. There will be people who complain and then surprise you when they do not support you in wanting to make changes in the very thing they complain about. We can’t even judge them, it takes a certain type of character to do certain jobs. Hearing the cries of people does not mean they are cut out to lead or fight for a cause, they are great at something else. That is balance

Never underestimate the purpose of the people in our life. They may help in another way down the line or are not meant to be a part of the project. I Love the quote by Margaret Mead, ” Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.

I have passion for my causes “The Truth About Cancer” and “Angels For Shannon”. I have many friends who I have already spoken to with cancer that came out of the woodwork from both causes. They are battling cancer and are grateful. This is excellent news! Some people hide their disease because they do not want to burden anyone. So I know I have to continue what I have started and partnered with because change is dramatically taking shape. I have no right to hide such valuable information when so many people are suffering. I will continue to share and ask for help.

On any given day when you are working hard for a mission or cause you believe in, something or someone can make you feel like you are a little crazy for attempting something so big. You can feel defeated. Remember why you are doing what you are doing. Remember your mission statement and what you stand for. The temporary feeling of failure will diminish. It is a distraction and just a temporary setback. Just get back up and tear down that veil of illusion and get clarity again!

You know what you are doing, you have been working at it a for a very long time, Some of you have paid a price before you set out on this mission. Many organizations are founded by people who have suffered and developed compassion and empathy from the experience. They come out the other side a changed individual and want to make a difference, they care more about helping others. They want to help “prevent” someone from going through what they did or help them because they “are already going through it now”. This is not crazy, on the contrary, this is extraordinary, being able to share your experience and actually be able to relate..

Take a good look into the back to the beginning of when you began this mission. You were probably alone on that decision and shared the idea with one person who was supportive. Take a realistic look now. Look at what you have accomplished from day one. This will put things back into perspective.


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